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Letter: More Development Is Inevitable and Acceptable, As Long As We Get the Infrastructure

Published on: 10 Jun, 2021
Updated on: 10 Jun, 2021

From: Murray Grubb Jnr

Former Conservative borough councillor for Ash Wharf

In response to: Hellish Over-Development Is Destroying Ash and Tongham 

Reading the letters and comments and hearing the constant snide remarks about Conservatives and over development in Ash is beyond depressing.

There is a whole host of people in the Ash, Ash Green and Tongham area who are more than happy for more development to happen provided we get additional infrastructure and leisure items to continue making it a great place to love and live.

We are under 45 minutes from London, Reading and the UK’s two biggest airports. Of course we are going to have people wanting to live here.

I do feel a new High School is warranted but the last proposal was prevented by people fighting against it, because they considered it would allow further building developments.

What is really needed is a holistic view of all local sites and have planning approved on the area, not just individual sites.

We will never stop development and nor should we. What we should do is work closely with our councillors, the council and developers so that we get a great mix of homes suitable for all and all the nice things that would add value like a hotel, a new pub and restaurant etc.

I’m also tired of the fact that people are often prepared to complain constantly about local politics and the politicians but never have the courage to put their name on a ballot paper and stand to make a difference. Carla Morson was prepared to do it and has already done a great job, Hopefully, more will follow her example and start to come forward.

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