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Letter: Motions Were Political Point-scoring

Published on: 6 Apr, 2022
Updated on: 6 Apr, 2022

From: Jan Messinger

I have just watched GBC’s full council meeting (April 5) at which motions were proposed on the decision of a sub-committee of Surrey’s Police and Crime panel to criticise the Police & Crime Commissioner for comments made on transgender issues and on “ending violence against women and girls”.

Frankly, both were political point-scoring and I am saddened that in such a long meeting they took up nearly an hour’s worth of debating time. Neither was relevant to GBC.
What is relevant is: how long it takes for my phone enquiry to be dealt with; being told to use the online service (with which I have had bad experiences); how long planning applications are taking to be dealt with and; planning enforcement.
GBC should look into what residents actually need in this borough. The shopping list is endless. I feel sorry for the many councillors who are trying their hardest for residents, regardless of which political parties they belong to.
Please councillors, work for the benefit of your residents and stop this political bickering.  Move the borough forward and deal with local issues.
Some of us are very well aware the elections are in 2023. Heaven help us if it is all going to be like this for the next twelve months.
Councillors should prioritise the important work in hand, not make more unnecessary work.
We need to make Guildford better, not just spectate as the town crumbles.

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