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Letter: MP’s Resignation Is A Sensible Move

Published on: 2 Feb, 2022
Updated on: 2 Feb, 2022

From Richard Davies

In response to: Guildford’s Tory MP Quits Government Role Over ‘Partygate’ But Does Not Call for PM’s Resignation

“Partygate” and “Cakegate” are now yesterday’s news and dead ducks.

What’ll do for “Bojo” is an unambiguously disastrous result in the May local elections. If that doesn’t happen he’s here for the duration.

Angela Richardson’s resignation as a PPS is a sensible tactical move to retain the seat at the next general election.

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Responses to Letter: MP’s Resignation Is A Sensible Move

  1. Graham Vickery Reply

    February 15, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    Is not Mr Richard Davies overlooking the accusations that Boris Johnson allegedly lied to Parliament, over “Partygate”, on more than one occasion. It is Boris Johnson who is the “dead duck” if the case about his lack of integrity is evidenced by Gray and proven by the Met Police surely?

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