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Letter: We Need To Take Party Politics Out Of Local Politics

Published on: 17 Aug, 2014
Updated on: 17 Aug, 2014

no shoutingFrom Jim Allen

Reading between the lines, what some people appear to want, is not just for one councillor to resign, not even two – they want the whole elected council to resign and start again.

Is this not what the election process will all be about in May of Next year? So in reality what actual difference will it make? The statutes and policies will remain.

But beware of what you wish for. We could get: increased housing numbers due to increased ‘involvement’ with Europe; financial spend thrifts that want to run on credit and; extremes of everything due to previous bland and politically correct positions.

What we really need is to take the party politics out of local politics and get reasonable.

Fifty Nimbys in fifty different location are, in fact, one group concerned for their environment.

Forty eight councillors of rainbow colours should all have the same end target; what they individually consider is ‘best for our borough’.

We all need to talk with, not scream abuse or shout at, the 48 councillors and persuade them we all actually want the same thing, i.e. that which is best for our community, the one we all live in.

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Responses to Letter: We Need To Take Party Politics Out Of Local Politics

  1. Mary Bedforth Reply

    August 17, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Why do we have 48 councillors? It is a ridiculously large number and costly. I live in Holy Trinity where we had one councillor originally. I only ever see or hear from the three representing my ward at election times.

    In any case, the main body of councillors just follow the party line. The cabinet or “Executive” make the decisions and the rest are rubber stamps.

    Local government is undemocratic.

    Bring back Independents and/or Ratepayers.

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