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Letter: It’s Not Just Journalism Resources

Published on: 27 Jun, 2017
Updated on: 27 Jun, 2017

From Barbara Ford

The opinion piece, Inadequate Local Journalism Affects Us All is an excellent article.  However, I think both Martin Giles and The Guardian are wrong to lay all the blame on the resourcing of the press.

There is in addition a wider issue, namely the dangerous combination of on the one hand the lack of interest felt by the general population in their government/governance, both local and national, and on the other hand the butterfly attention span and frivolous nature of the interests most of us in the western world do have.

As stated in the article Kardashian has it over Spooner; or a 140-character tweet has it over a 500-word reasoned article; or a gut-feeling about the EU had it over a rational consideration of its actual pros and cons.

Most people, I suggest, just don’t want quality journalism! (Dragon readers excepted, of course.)

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