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Letter: No One Who Has Worked for GBC Could Take This Letter Seriously

Published on: 25 Nov, 2013
Updated on: 25 Nov, 2013

GBC LogoFrom Mary Alexander

Why have some ‘front-line’ staff written an anonymous letter when managers have told them not to?  No one who has worked for GBC [Guildford Borough Council] could take this letter seriously and, like me, they might question the motivation of the author.

Could it be that someone wishes to deflect attention from the fact that David Hill has been paid off and the grievance against him dropped?

During Hill’s time at GBC a number of careers ended suddenly without proper explanation. People suffered: this is a fact.

Instead of fingerprinting staff why weren’t concerns investigated?  Why weren’t staff asked why they felt they could only write anonymously?  (If it is true that confidential information was made public that clearly should not have happened.)

In my view, it is not true that Hill was ‘well-liked throughout the council’.  I know people who did not like him or his management style, which filtered down the chain to other managers and caused a lot of unhappiness.

And I cannot be cheered by Sue Sturgeon’s [now managing director at GBC] promise of a fair hearing, since my own efforts to be heard in 2012 were blocked.

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