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Letter: ‘Party Games’ Should Be a Sell Out!

Published on: 6 Feb, 2024
Updated on: 6 Feb, 2024

From: John Ferns

In response to: Yvonne Arnaud Director on New Play ‘Party Games’

Thank you, Guildford Dragon for bringing this to our attention. The director presented well and I was moved to dig deeper into the play’s synopsis, shared below.

“Party Games is set in the UK in 2026. John Waggner, newly elected leader of the hastily formed centrist One Nation Party, presides over a hung parliament, a discontented electorate and striking cheesemakers.

“He and his power-hungry MPs must cling onto authority through whatever shaky means possible. Can one man, a Svengali spin doctor, and some dodgy data unite the country? And what role can his wife, the King and a large spider play in keeping the lights on, not to mention his trusty AI?”

See also:

Discounted, advance booking is a no-brainer: four tickets in the £33 bracket are reduced to £19 a piece!

The production should be a sell-out, given the masses of Guildford’s cynical voters about the state of local politics!

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Responses to Letter: ‘Party Games’ Should Be a Sell Out!

  1. Olly Azad Reply

    February 8, 2024 at 2:05 am

    With the current state of play in local and central government being so depressing and horrible to digest at times, can scotty beam me to the make believe world of ‘Party Games’ set in 2026.

    The way politics is governed by the mainstream parties nowadays, perhaps the Yvonne Arnaud could even think about forming a new political party, especially if the new play is a surefire success.

    But for now, I’ll be booking my tickets in time for its opening in May.

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