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Letter: ‘Partygate’ Doesn’t Stop Anyone Caring About Other Issues As Well

Published on: 1 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 1 Jun, 2022

From: Sam Peters

Green Party member

In response to a comment by Simon Southgate on the article:ī “Too Little, Too Late” Says Guildford MP On PM’s Performance After Publication Of ‘Partygate’ Report

Yet another attempt to sweep an important issue under the rug. It is so reminiscent of the US Republicans in recent days as they obfuscate and talk nonsense over the latest horrendous school shooting.

There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from caring about more than one issue at a time.

We are perfectly capable of being concerned about a law-breaking PM lying to the public and Parliament and tearing down any pretence that our ‘decency and honour’ system is fit for purpose, while also caring about Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, soaring energy bills, attacks on our democracy and electoral systems, or any other issue.

In fact, many of these are related to the issues of law-breaking, lying, corruption and more in our government, given that it is this government that is either failing to act on them, making them worse, or actively causing them.

The entire point of the Partygate issue and the consequent lies is that the Prime Minister is wholly unfit to do his ‘job’. If our MP recognises that, as she claims to, then she should call for his resignation. Anything else is effectively condoning them.

As for not having any alternatives, why would you think we don’t? There are plenty, both for the overarching rot in the integrity-free government we currently find ourselves under, and also for each individual issue raised in the thread above.

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