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Letter: Portable Barbecues Should Be Banned

Published on: 9 Jul, 2023
Updated on: 9 Jul, 2023

Fire warning sign

From: Jules Cranwell

In response to: Fire Chief ‘Cannot Fathom’ Why Bonfires Are Lit When There Is a Risk of Wildfires

Disposable BBQs should be banned. Just yesterday, I came across a group of youths at Horsley Meadows with a lit BBQ atop a wooden picnic table.

I explained why this was a bad idea, while extinguishing the fire with a can of pop from my car.

They were not happy, and just did not accept that this was extremely dumb, and the smallest spark would have set the entire meadow on fire, given the heat, and parched conditions. They also refused to accept their BBQ would have further damaged the table, even though I pointed out the deep burn damage made to both tables from previous portable fires.

Parents, need to educate children on such risks.

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