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Letter: More Publicity Required for Effingham Events

Published on: 22 Nov, 2016
Updated on: 22 Nov, 2016
King George V playing fields in Effingham

King George V playing fields in Effingham

From Des Tanner

It seems that there are mixed views regarding my observations quoted in the article: Is Effingham Going Backwards?

Whereas I applaud the events like Commoners’ Day and Heritage Day there needs to be more publicity.

For instance there was no use of the KGV Notice Board. Actually that is not surprising as we have difficulty getting our own club membership information on that particular notice board – there is so much red tape involved.

That said it is a beautiful oak display board at the entrance to the car park … but it really ought to be used. Perhaps as a consequence, my straw poll found over 90% had never heard of Commoners’ Day or Heritage Day.

Regarding the Neighbourhood Plan mentioned above, I note there was apparently an agreement of 90% on the environmental policies. However, this begs the question, 90% of how many respondents?

Also, it seems to suggest that other policies may not have been as well received. If you consider the poor turnout at parish council meetings where you’d be lucky to see more than five people in the audience – 90 % would not be more than four people. Hopefully these figures reflect a much larger response rate.

Churches are often understated for their good work and support.

But, if you remove the other self-congratulatory responses above, these are actually just one-off events taking place over a single day or perhaps a weekend – what is happening in a positive direction over the rest of the year?

I would suggest a much more positive approach to the use of the KGV hall and fields; exploit the wooded area with treasure hunts, involve the schools and families, arrange Family Fun Days and more community activities.

And as regards the comments from the Effingham Village Recreational Trust, I won’t be holding my breath!

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