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Letter: R4GV Leader’s Endorsement Is No Surprise

Published on: 5 Jun, 2024
Updated on: 5 Jun, 2024
From: James Walsh
Labour borough councillor for Bellfields and Slyfield
In response to: R4GV Leader Endorses Conservative Candidate Without Considering Consequences
I can’t say that Joss Bigmore coming out for Angela Richardson is a huge surprise to us, but it may be for his R4GV colleagues.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard R4GV say that they are above party politics and that other councillors are somehow lesser residents. Joss has just blown that facade out of the water in the most public way possible.
This announcement also clarifies the reasons behind recent grumbles by R4GV and the Conservatives about my chairmanship of one of the Overview & Scrutiny committees. It is clear that the Conservatives, which must now include R4GV, wanted a clean sweep for their friends rather than the healthier option of sharing roles with other opposition parties.

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