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Letter: Restrictions Placed On Me By GBC Have Been Lifted

Published on: 25 Mar, 2022
Updated on: 25 Mar, 2022

Daniel Hill (left) and Council Leader Joss Bigmore

From: Daniel Hill

See: Daniel Hill, with Questions About ‘Toxic’ Waste, Barred from Public GBC Meeting

I write to inform your readers who might have read the stories about me over the past year that all restrictions on me imposed by Guildford Borough Council have been lifted.

The year was incredibly hard work, I spent most of it trying to resolve the multiple issues at Stoney Castle.

Pirbright residents felt their concerns about potential toxic waste were being ignored and despite a promise from Cllr James Steel to have the stream near Stoney Castle tested, still nobody has any idea what the strange yellow liquid leaking from the site is.

Last year my aim was to get the truth and I raised a relevant question at the full council meeting last October. However, getting any answers was made more difficult when James Whiteman imposed a list of restrictions preventing me from communicating with GBC and silencing, not just me, but the voice of the residents.

Thankfully, Ian Doyle, director of services, has now contacted me personally and confirmed all restrictions have been lifted and my democratic rights restored.

But an apology was not forthcoming from GBC which was disappointing considering the justification for these restrictions were based on false allegations without any evidence.

I’m looking forward to a positive year. Councillors will no longer be prevented from responding to my emails and once again I am allowed to ask questions at GBC councils meeting.

I am very excited to finally arrange a meeting with Council Leader Joss Bigmore [R4GV, Christchurch] and Cllr Keith Witham [Con, Pirbright] to discuss the next steps for Stoney Castle.

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