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Letter: RSCH Staff Have the Wholehearted Support of the Community

Published on: 9 Jan, 2022
Updated on: 9 Jan, 2022

Photo: CC0 Public Domain

From: Anthony Mallard

In response to: ‘I Cry Every Day’ Says Royal Surrey Nurse

The interview with the RSCH nurse gives a truly heart-rending depiction of what is happening in our local hospital, a hospital renowned for its first-class treatment.

Sadly, all we hear from the government is the mantra that it is spending more on health care and training more doctors and nurses – forgetting, of course, the time lag between training and actually being available to practice. Meanwhile, it is also cutting nurse bursaries and in real terms, by not keeping up with inflation, cutting the salaries of these professionals. A real boost to morale during a pandemic crisis.

It is pleasing to learn that the Royal Surrey hospital is doing its best to support its staff and your correspondent may be assured that she also has the wholehearted respect of the local community. I doubt anyone would contradict that claim.

Unfortunately, as the nurse writes, it appears impossible to get through to those who occupy the Westminster bubble, the reality of the day to day challenges the NHS is facing, and just how much the public value the service provided by doctors and nurses and the allied professions, as well as and those who support them.

Like the RSCH nurse, I hope that politicians may soon wake up to the reality of the situation and provide greater support, in every way, to our NHS.

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