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Letter: Should London Road Scheme Be Postponed Until Gosden Hill Decisions Are Made?

Published on: 7 Aug, 2023
Updated on: 7 Aug, 2023

Gosden Hill location-plan

From: Anthony Mallard

In response to: Developer Announces Public Consultation Events for Gosden Hill Site

I moved to Guildford in 1986 and can well recall at that time the large hoarding on the A3 which announced, “New Homes Coming Soon”. This was the redundant Gosden Hill Farm, then as now, proposed to be a Martin Grant housing development.

While the proposed estate will engender many comments, both positive and negative, the fact that the Slyfield Sewage works are already working way beyond its capacity is especially important.

I hope that lessons may be learned from the various aspects of the Wisley Airfield debates, to move the planning process to whatever conclusion is reached swiftly.

Perhaps Surrey County Council will also postpone the proposed London Road scheme on the main traffic artery from London to Guildford, through Burpham, in order that a joined-up traffic management scheme, which will undoubtedly be required, may be comprehensively and inclusively planned.

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Responses to Letter: Should London Road Scheme Be Postponed Until Gosden Hill Decisions Are Made?

  1. Doug Clare Reply

    August 9, 2023 at 9:38 am

    The London Road cycleways are needed now and are part of a joined-up scheme to provide a cycle network throughout Guildford.

    Imagine how good it will be to see children cycling safely to school each day, do not delay any more, funding is in place and accidents will be prevented!

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