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Letter: Should We Welcome Graffiti on Walnut Bridge?

Published on: 9 Feb, 2024
Updated on: 9 Feb, 2024

From: T Saunders

In response to: Why Is GBC Paying for Bridges?

I agree with the sentiment of others that Walnut Bridge was not a good use of public money, but what’s done, is done.

To pick up the point on graffiti – it would be nice if the council changed tact on this and instead of using money to pay for removal of something that will inevitably come back, to embrace street art and perhaps commission some talented (local, if possible) artists to make the bridge into a positive feature.

I’m sure the thought of this may horrify some, but I’d ask those people to ask themselves if this would be worse than the “less developed artistry’ they may already find an eyesore. It could add some vibrancy to an otherwise bland structure, creating a draw for visitors to the town. There could even be a vote for residents on artistic styles to generate a bit of a buzz.

Perhaps the incoming Pedro Wrobel, the new GBC CEO, could help shape this when he takes up his post, given his current remit of innovation and change at Westminster City Council.

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