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Letter: Sunday Buses on Hospital Route Are Required

Published on: 1 Dec, 2021
Updated on: 1 Dec, 2021

From: Sara Tokunaga

In response to: In The Wake of the ‘Bus Wars’, We Hope to Restore the Levels of Service to Our Community

I would like to thank Mr Halliday for responding. I certainly remember Safeguard reintroducing the Sunday bus service through Guildford Park, and how pleased we all were that our route was reinstated. Many of us have been very loyal to Safeguard, to the point of not using Arriva buses until there was no alternative.

This is why it is considered very unfair that we as a community, many of whom are elderly and carless, have been ignored when the routes previously served by Arriva were reallocated. It is totally understandable that Mr Halliday wishes to restore Safeguard’s finances following the “bus war” and the problems Covid has generated. However, Sunday bus routes are supported by Surrey County Council, so it would appear it is the council who have withdrawn the route.

I would like to ask Mr Halliday to approach SCC on our behalf stressing how important this route is to our small community. It would also be very helpful if I could be given the name of the Surrey councillor who deals with these matters.

Editor’s response: Cllr Matt Furniss is the lead councillor for Transport and Infrastructure at SCC.

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