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Letter: Surely Cllr Harwood Did Not Expect to Retain a Place on the Executive?

Published on: 11 Nov, 2021
Updated on: 11 Nov, 2021

From: Adam Aaronson

In response to: Sacking of New Tory Councillor Showed Council Leader’s Weakness

Perhaps Cllr Spooner can cite some precedents indicating where a councillor or MP has crossed the floor and retained the privilege of Executive or Cabinet memberships?

Although my knowledge of political history is rather paltry compared with his, I can’t recall such an incidence and I think it could hardly be the norm.

It is notable that Cllr Harwood’s decision to join the Tories seems to be receiving far more attention than perhaps it deserves and indeed my comments, in common with others are probably adding oxygen to what is really rather a non-event, for which I apologise.

Things might have been different if he had managed to take all his former Lib Dem colleagues along with him, but there again. if he’d managed to achieve such a consensus, he’d probably still be in the Lib Dems.

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Responses to Letter: Surely Cllr Harwood Did Not Expect to Retain a Place on the Executive?

  1. David Roberts Reply

    November 11, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    I agree that we have heard far too much about this non-event. If Cllr Spooner is yesterday’s man, Cllr Harwood is most definitely not tomorrow’s.

  2. Neil Langridge Reply

    November 14, 2021 at 11:22 pm

    Spot on, and especially amusing from Conservative Cllr Spooner about the irrelevancy of party affiliation, given the Conservative government’s inability to even use the best capable Conservative politicians if they disagree with Brexit ideology and Johnson mandates.

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