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Letter: Talk And Words Are Nothing to a Life of Compassionate Action

Published on: 29 Oct, 2020
Updated on: 29 Oct, 2020

From: Jim Allen

In response to: 14 Million People in the UK Live in Poverty, 1.6 Million in Severe Poverty

I do so like the people who make assumptions and think they can lecture me on the way of the world. They seem to think the Covid bubble has been there for ever.

Financial life has not been kind to me across the years and my comments come from the experience of 23 employments in 50-plus years of very hard, heavy and complicated work.

That involved not going into debt and tackling serious problems on a level most would not even attempt. Bleating about universal numbers means nothing, save political waffle. The “current fad” is hungry (but not starving) children.

My comments are from the life of very hard knocks. You dig yourself out now, or wait for someone to help, sometime in the future

And for all those commenting on me with what you think as harsh and critical words, I say, when did you last do something free for the community or a total stranger? Do you drive past that broken-down car late at night or do you stop and help?

Talk and words are nothing to compassionate action, continuous over one’s whole life.

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