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Letter: Talk on GBC Finances Should Be Interesting

Published on: 27 Sep, 2018
Updated on: 27 Sep, 2018

From Bernard Parke

hon alderman and former Mayor of Guildford

In response to: Balancing The Books – Talk On GBC Finances

We have recently been told that there will be a future budget gap of £8.5 million which means more savings and also that council tax will rise again next year.

However, this does not stop so much spending on vanity projects.

This should be an interesting meeting.

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Responses to Letter: Talk on GBC Finances Should Be Interesting

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    September 27, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Very interesting considering that the Slyfield Area Regeneration Project (SARP) is being paid for by the council at an alleged cost of £100 million. Or is that “another budget” which we don’t have to worry our silly little heads about?

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