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Letter: Thames Water Is Doing a Great Job!

Published on: 12 Nov, 2023
Updated on: 12 Nov, 2023

From: Peter Mills

In response to: Thames Water Says All Its Customers Should Now Have a Water Supply

Thames Water is doing a great job.

They are a PLC and their first priority is to maximise shareholder value. Most companies do this by treading a fine line between providing great products/services that satisfy their customers while keeping costs down.

Thames Water does not have to worry about providing good products/services because they have a 100 per cent monopoly in their target market and 100 per cent market penetration because every person in their serviceable addressable market must buy their product (with a few exceptions if you have a well, septic tank, etc).

Any marketers reading this know that it is highly unusual for your SAM [Serviceable Addressable Market] to equal your SOM [Serviceable Obtainable Market].

But our problems are not because of Thames Water. The government is to blame. For all the reasons described above, critical national infrastructure should not be in the hands of private companies or if it is, regulate it properly. If the latter, I doubt anyone would want it.

For proof look at the railways..

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