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Letter: Thank Goodness the Bike Project Continues

Published on: 2 Dec, 2022
Updated on: 2 Dec, 2022

From: Jane Hepburn

In response to: Bike Project Surrey Settles in Nicely at Guildford College

The Bike Project has been an absolute lifesaver for us in keeping our old boneshakers on the road. Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Gus and his crew who have kept us, and who knows how many others, going.

We were shocked and disappointed that GBC couldn’t find it in their hearts to designate a space for them in the new development at Weyside Urban village which purports to be eco-friendly, sustainable and bike-friendly.

Imagine having the wonderful bike project on tap in that new development and imagine the generations of kids who could learn cycle maintenance on their doorstep.

But no, it was off to the wilds of who knows where for Gus and his team who were left ferreting around and going from pillar to post, cap in hand, to keep their beloved baby on the road.

There were no guarantees that Guildford or even its environs would have been their final resting place. There was no guarantee the whole project would continue if finances couldn’t have been found.

It felt as if GBC, for all its theoretical commitment to cycling, just couldn’t care less about this happy, hard-working, extremely knowledgeable and skilful team doing what they should be doing to save the world one bicycle at a time.

Imagine our joy, when Activate stepped in.

Good for Activate for Gus and his team and everyone. Long may you be there to oil our rusty chains, fix our broken spokes and get us back on those saddles.

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