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Letter: Thanks to the Youngsters of Today, But Us Oldies Had to Endure Our Problems Too

Published on: 4 Nov, 2020
Updated on: 4 Nov, 2020

From: Charles King

I am 90 at the end of the month and I thank those who abide by the rules, thus helping protect people like myself but, please, it’s only a month (at present).

Yes, it does affect you youngsters, but when I was 10, I spent six months jumping in and out of shelters and listening to bombs raining down on us in the Blitz.

Our house was blasted both sides by Doodlebugs three weeks apart. And we were scared to death by the V2 rockets.
At 19, I spent more than two years overseas, away from home and serving in the RAF.
All this was not a sacrifice. We simply did it, and made the best of things. So once again, thank you, us old ‘uns do appreciate you.

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Responses to Letter: Thanks to the Youngsters of Today, But Us Oldies Had to Endure Our Problems Too

  1. Charles King Reply

    November 4, 2020 at 7:08 pm

    I should have added that my dad’s factory in the city was destroyed in 1941 we moved to Thornton Heath to a new factory where he became caretaker. It was great fun but very short lived.

    My niece visited us from Hackney but became ill with diphtheria and I was found to be a carrier, we where lying next to each other in the Isolation Hospital my niece went home cured after about a week, me I spent the next 11 months, yes 11 months, with no actual contact with my family.

    I had swabs taken fortnightly requiring three consecutive negative results before it could be considered I was no longer a carrier but it took nearly a year.

    I received no education at all during that time instead tallying the number of planes that we shot down.

    By the time I got released my family had moved back to Hackney but the good bit was I later won a place at the the equivalent of a grammar school (The Grocers School), so it did not do me all that much harm.

    Diphtheria was rife in those days and was contained in the same way as we are tackling Covid. My liberty was taken away from me but my parents had no choice and I guess my stay in isolation could have saved lives.

  2. Jane Turner Reply

    November 5, 2020 at 2:36 pm

    Well said Charles King. I salute you.

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