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Letter: The ‘Get Things Done’ Policy Has Environmental Consequences

Published on: 1 Jul, 2022
Updated on: 1 Jul, 2022

From: Tony Edwards

In response to: Project Team ‘Disappointed’ With SoS Decision to Slash M25 J10 Environmental Mitigation

Following his ‘Get BREXIT Done’ campaign, Boris & Co seem to have adopted a general policy of ‘Get Things Done – Regardless of the Costs & Consequences’. And the Junction 10 fiasco is no exception.

As a lobby correspondent explained to me recently, Boris believes his route through the current quagmire of sleaze and doubt is to adopt a ‘fire walking’ policy – move as fast as you can and it probably won’t hurt.

So increased vehicle pollution, traffic disruption, and a massive waste of taxpayers’ money can – and is – being offset by the magical ‘Get Things Done Regardless…’ policy.

As Ben Paton correctly observes, public consultation is a complete waste of time at both a national and local level – he concludes that national government doesn’t give a damn.

I tend to agree but would stress that democracy begins at home. And as GBC fiddles while Guildford burns in the flames of the controversial Local Plan, the ‘Get Things Done Regardless of the Costs & Consequences’ policy will continue to destroy our environment.

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