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Letter: The Grange Park Opera Project Has Been a Triumph

Published on: 14 Oct, 2018
Updated on: 14 Oct, 2018

Wasfi Kani

From Valerie Thompson

In response to: Dragon Interview: Wasfi Kani Grange Park Opera

As a volunteer, meeting and greeting or ushering, I have a close relationship with Grange Park Opera (GPO) in West Horsley.

The whole project has been a triumph, from persuading locals to accept building in the green belt (when the alternative might have been an immense housing estate), to the actual structure, which was functional after just 11 and a half months from the first spade in the ground.

The first season began with a very impressive Tosca and GPO has continued to present performances of the very highest standard. Picnicking in the gardens and orchard is a joy and quality dinners are also provided, if required, in the house or a decorative marquee.

Wasfi is a wonderful example of dynamism, enthusiasm and efficiency. Those who have been to any event where she is speaking are awestruck. But she has also, as she briefly mentioned, begun a programme of bringing operatic performances into prisons and has extended her interests to develop musical experiences for children, who are, today, sadly lacking in such an education within schools.

The Guildford Dragon NEWS hopes to review GPO performances from next year, 2019. Ed.

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