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Letter: The Guildford Society Will Remain Independent of Party Politics

Published on: 7 Jan, 2019
Updated on: 7 Jan, 2019

The logo of the new “Residents for Guildford and Villages” group

From: The Guildford Society Executive

In response to: New Group “Residents for Guildford and Villages” Call Meeting to Encourage More Independent Candidates

The Executive of Guildford Society has noted the comments about the society, related to our independence, made by Cllr Susan Parker, Guildford Greenbelt Group, with concern.

We would like to reassure everyone, including Cllr Parker, that the Guildford Society remains a non-political and independent organisation.

This doesn’t mean that the Guildford Society will not make its views known on matters that concern the society. As an example, we will continue to question the Local Plan which we believe is fundamentally flawed, unsound, and does not serve the borough well.

The Guildford Society will not be involved in politics, as represented by political parties, but by engaging in debate on matters of concern to the society, we will inevitably be involved in small ‘p’ politics. Not all debate on issues can or should be conducted through the mechanism of political parties.

Members of the society reflect all shades of political opinion; membership of the society does not prevent members being involved in other community
groups and forums; including political parties. If the Guildford Greenbelt Group was questioned at hustings by Guildford Society members or committee members surely this is part of the political process.

The Executive of the Guildford Society would be happy to meet Guildford Greenbelt Group as we believe there are very many aspects of the local plan
where we have mutual interests.

The society hopes, that with goodwill, candidates in the forthcoming local election can effectively engage with the residents of Guildford and discuss the very real issues we face in a productive manner. This will allow the electorate to make fully informed choices as who will best serve on the new council.

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