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Letter: The PM Should Go and We Are Happy to Help

Published on: 1 Feb, 2022
Updated on: 1 Feb, 2022

Angela Richardson’s statement

From: Catherine Houston

chair of the Guildford Liberal Democrats

I read Guildford MP Angela Richardson’s statement upon the release of the Sue Gray report into the leadership failures at 10 Downing Street, during various lockdowns, when the Prime Minister and his staff enjoyed plates of cheese and knocked back suitcases of wine whilst the rest of us diligently (and often painfully)  followed the very tough lockdown rules they issued to the public.

In fact, I’ve scanned it a few times to try to find any criticism at all of the PM’s behaviour, something which I know that Ms Richardson will have heard viscerally from residents, both in her inbox and when she has ventured out to knock on doors.

Unbelievably there is nothing from her in that statement but a vague sense of disappointment that it has taken so long to get to this stage.

I, along with Zöe Franklin and other local Guildford Lib Dems, are speaking to residents on doorsteps around the constituency week in and week out; so I speak from experience when I say that I know what many people living here think, because they tell us and they think that that Boris Johnson needs to go.

He is damaging the office of Prime Minister, damaging our democracy and damaging the reputation of our great nation all around the world.

Ms Richardson’s attempt to feel empathy towards the many people in Guildford and Cranleigh who have suffered enormously over the past two years falls at the first hurdle. Most of those we speak to want him gone, along with the low calibre cabinet he has surrounded himself with.

Just in case she is too busy to prepare her letter to Sir Graham Brady to do the right thing by the people she serves, we have prepared one for her to sign. I can email it over to her today if that would help? In fact, we have enough copies for all the Surrey MPs.


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Responses to Letter: The PM Should Go and We Are Happy to Help

  1. H Trevor Jones Reply

    February 2, 2022 at 9:07 am

    I don’t like the way the government has handled Brexit, but if we just get rid of Boris Johnson as prime minister, whom will we get instead?

    Will he or she be better or worse? We need a change of government, preferably composed of the best available people across all political parties and none.

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