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Letter: The Walnut Tree Close Experiment Has Been Set Up to Fail

Published on: 23 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 23 Nov, 2022

From: Derek Hayes

In response to: G-BUG Supports The Walnut Tree Close One-Way Trial – Will You?

As an avid sports cyclist and cycle commuter, I simply cannot see the point of this experiment. The route goes from nowhere to nowhere, or at least from and to some of the worst traffic and cycle-unfriendly locations in town.

The road surface is criminally awful, and you’d have to be mad to ride on it in the dark and when it’s raining.

Currently, the amount of wet and rotting leaves in the cycle lane, especially on bends, makes is very hazardous, both in terms of grip, and avoiding the potholes and other surface hazards.

The towpath, a compacted dirt/gravel surface is far easier to cycle on and runs broadly parallel.

I know how much the closure has enraged motorists. It is just more poorly thought-out and executed nonsense that’s neither good for making any genuine difference to cycling across Guildford, or for promoting cycling. It will not help poor unfortunate cyclists who use it.

And, if it is not used, some will claim, “It’s not wanted!”.

It has been set up to fail from the start.

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