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Letter: There Are Other Ways to Improve Traffic Flows at the Dennis Roundabout

Published on: 18 Apr, 2022
Updated on: 18 Apr, 2022

A box junction at the Dennis Roundabout

From: Bibhas Neogi

In response to: New Enforcement Cameras Proposed for Traffic Congestion Hotspot

Has Surrey County Council explored any ideas for the alteration of the roundabout to improve traffic flows? Cameras are fine to encourage drivers to be extra careful and not cause blockage but the layout is pretty awful for motorists.

It is difficult to gauge whether one’s exit is clear at the box junctions in advance, especially if one is coming down from Worplesdon Road and wanting to turn right to go to the A3 on-slip. Traffic queuing on the on-slip during peak periods causes tailbacks on the approaches to the roundabout.

I have a sketch here showing a possible solution to the problem by re-routing the approach lanes so those box junctions would no longer be needed.

The southbound lanes of the A25 first turn left into Surrey Way and then turn around the roundabout to join up with the on-slip. The alteration gives a longer stacking of A3 bound traffic. It also allows traffic from Worplesdon Road to join this route conveniently.

A new bus stop on the East Side of Surrey Way would be helpful. Alterations to the road pavement would be required and new signs and signals but the cost of the work should be modest. I expect the improvements to traffic flow would be substantial and therefore I would urge SCC to explore this idea before spending funds on the installation of cameras and resources needed to monitor the box junctions.

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