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Letter: There Were Problems with the Christmas Lights Switch-on Event

Published on: 6 Aug, 2022
Updated on: 5 Aug, 2022

From: Gina Gasson

It was of great interest to read that the Christmas lights switch-on event even had organisers.

I remember youths screaming and throwing things into the crowd from Sainsbury’s car park roof and a burgeoning crowd out of control. This was worrying given there were no clear escape routes (even the lanes were crowded).

It was uncivilized and, once the lights switched on, the street emptied as quick as a flash, barely any shops were open but the pubs were overflowing and litter strewn everywhere.

It had changed in such a great way since the days of Heals offering quiet Jazz and a glass of wine, we’d pop to the late night opening of shops with the children which was quite a novelty and a treat back then, when it felt like the Spirit of Christmas was everywhere.

So it is good to see that GBC are preparing for inevitable changes, especially in the post-pandemic period, to innovate and plan new exciting ventures.

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