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Letter: To Call Scrutiny at GBC a Joke Would Be an Understatement

Published on: 25 May, 2024
Updated on: 25 May, 2024

From: Ben Paton

In response to: GBC Lib Dems Are Committed to Effective Scrutiny

Guildford Borough Council does not do “scrutiny”. It did nothing to scrutinise the “evidence base” for the Local Plan. Its scrutiny committee recorded its opinion that former councillor Monica Juneja had not breached the Council Code of Conduct – despite her being convicted of the criminal offence of pretending to be a barrister – and forgery.

To call scrutiny at GBC a joke would be an understatement. The assertion that the Lib Dems are committed to “effective scrutiny” is as incredible as the testimony of all those Post Office executives and lawyers who claimed not to know that the Post Office conducted its own private criminal prosecutions.

It is all part of the fungus of dishonesty in British public life. “Legality” has replaced decency and honesty.

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