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Letter: Traffic Proposal Would Allow Pedestrianisation

Published on: 10 Oct, 2022
Updated on: 10 Oct, 2022

From: Joe Taylor

In response to: Better Solutions to Our Traffic Problems Have Been Identified

The masterplan proposal isn’t about solving traffic problems, it’s about making Guildford more pedestrian friendly and attractive by creating public realm that joins it to the river.

Guildford in its present form is skewed too heavily towards car travel, and I think it has made the town a hostile environment for pedestrians. An example is Bridge Street which is extremely busy at rush hour, both on the roads and the pavements.

Part of the proposal would pedestrianise the whole of Bridge St making it a much more desirable walking route as there is more space and removes the interaction between pedestrians and all types of road traffic.

Bibhas Neogi’s proposals are logical but always necessitate a huge infrastructure investment, there’s only so much developers are willing to pay for, especially when GBC are urging them to forfeit profit by keeping building heights low.

This proposal requires no new roads to be built and removes the pinch point of the gyratory whilst also making the town more pleasant to traverse on foot.


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Responses to Letter: Traffic Proposal Would Allow Pedestrianisation

  1. David Ogilvie Reply

    October 12, 2022 at 11:47 am

    The town centre masterplan “Y” road plan will require at least a 70% reduction in traffic in central Guildford.

    This will create traffic problems. Where will this traffic go? How will the hilly and twisting old Portsmouth Road cope with the additional traffic? How will St Catherine’s listed buildings survive?

    Bibhas is right, the York Road to Madrid Road crossing is the best solution. Yes it will cost but the route should be safeguarded now, it is not too late. It need only be a two lane crossing but it will enable the pedestrianising of the whole of Guildford town centre from the top of the High Street to the station.

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