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Letter: Tribute to a Compassionate and Hard-Working Servant to the People of Guildford

Published on: 6 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 6 Mar, 2021

From: George Potter

Lib Dem borough councillor for Burpham

In response to: Shockwaves Rock Guildford Politics as Veteran Lib Dem Caroline Reeves Resigns

It’s very hard to think of any who have given more devoted service to the people and borough of Guildford than Caroline. Others may have given longer service, but I doubt any could have given more hard-working service.

As leader of the council during the crucial first months of the pandemic, she usually worked 12 hours or more a day, and often continued to work similarly long hours even after she was deputy leader.

She first became involved in politics by leading the creation of a residents’ association for her community, and entered council politics by winning a by-election in 2005.

From the time I first moved to Guildford 12 years ago, right up to the present, I have never known Caroline to be anything other than hard-working, dedicated and compassionate. No matter the issue, large or small, if someone came to her with a problem she would always do her very best to help.

Unwavering in her principles, Caroline has unfailingly stuck to doing what she considers to be the right thing for her residents and for our borough, regardless of how unglamorous or unpopular that might be.

To think of anyone who better exemplifies the principle of public service than Caroline is difficult, or of anyone more likely to avoid seeking recognition for the hard work she does and has done.

Guildford has been incredibly lucky to have enjoyed Caroline’s devoted service for so many years, and she has undoubtedly set the bar at a new height for any future leader of the council or of the opposition at Millmead.

Of course, it is also absolutely in keeping with Caroline’s personality that she is choosing to trade one familiar challenge in for another one, and I wish her all the best with her new project. She leaves her ward, the council and Guildford borough in a better state than she found them.

Thank you, Caroline, for everything you’ve done. All of your colleagues wish you the very best and hope we’ll be able to tempt you back to Guildford regularly from wherever your new business venture takes you!

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