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Letter: Ukrainian Refugee Hosts Need Help and Replacements

Published on: 4 Nov, 2022
Updated on: 4 Nov, 2022

From: Jonathan Readings

The article Additional Sponsorship Payments for Ukrainian Host Families is very timely as many readers will have read the letter from Ros McMillan (Council Needs to Publicise Ukrainian Refugee’s Plight) on the lack of a plan for hosts and their Ukrainian guests when the arrangement comes to an end.

In many instances relationships are good, but the host family simply needs its spare room(s) back. If this is the case, the host currently has no other course than make their guests officially homeless which feels utterly heartless but is the only way to prompt action by the council.

There will be quite a few Guildford-based families in need of alternative accommodation when the first anniversary of their arrival in the UK comes up as the majority of hosts feel a year is enough. This will start happening in mid-March next year and will last until May.

I hope this article is seen by councillors at Guildford Borough Council as it is they who will need to take action and they should be planning for it now. The increased “thank you” payments may attract more hosts but a concerted effort to recruit more host families is the only way to get more families to generously offer some comfort and accommodation to those fleeing the continuing conflict in Ukraine.

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