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Letter: I Used To Buy The Surrey Ad…

Published on: 31 Jan, 2017
Updated on: 31 Jan, 2017

From Sue Warner

In response to: The Dragon Says: Newspaper Redundancies Should Concern Us All

It is a shame that people are losing jobs but times change.

For example, I used to buy the Surrey Ad on my way to work and spend Friday tea breaks and lunch hour reading it. Nowadays there are no structured tea breaks, just a drink at your desk and lunch is down to 30 minutes, only enough time to eat, no time to read.

Also, it appears to me that journalists have got lazy, someone produces an article and all the other journalists copy it, nothing is proofread, you can tell because the mistakes are copied with it. If people read a story in one place, they’re not going to buy a newspaper elsewhere to be told the same thing.

In my case, there is nothing more interesting to read in an individual newspaper anymore (one reason I read The Dragon because at least you have different articles to anybody else).

I used to read Get Surrey but unfortunately, they have taken to putting an uninformative video at the beginning of every article which makes the page painfully slow to load so have resorted to their newsletter.

I hope the ones losing their jobs find something elsewhere and maybe the Surrey Ad will benefit from a new broom.

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