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Letter: The View of Guildford From Above Is Already A Block House Mess

Published on: 27 Nov, 2016
Updated on: 27 Nov, 2016

From Valerie Thompson

In principle I am in favour of the use of the Guildford Park Road car park site for housing and parking, but I wonder why the flats need to overlook the railway? Would it not be better for this less attractive view to be used for the car park?

Guildford park Road car park development railway facing elevation

Guildford Park Road car park development – railway facing elevation, part of the multi-storey car park is on the left (click on images to see enlarged view in a new window)

There is a pressing need for this development to be matched with a new bridge over the railway and better access to Woodbridge Road and the A3.

Unfortunately, Guildford Borough Council, after all the comments and protests about the draft Local Plan, are still driving forward their development plans at the expense of sensible infrastructure planning.

As for Cllr Tony Phillip’s opinion that the view from the castle would be compromised, how often, I wonder, does he admire the view from the castle?

If you view the town from the roof of the House of Fraser store, a more easily accessible place, you will see that the town is already a block-house mess.

Guildford park Road car park development view

The current view from the Jellicoe Roof Gardens, on top of the House of Fraser, towards the development site off Guildford Park Road

Guildford park Road car park development view

The anticipated view, with a light brown silhouette of the new development inserted

From a high viewpoint one can mostly see 1960/70/80/90/2000s flat-roofed buildings. This proposed development would certainly be no worse than what is already blighting “beautiful Guildford”.

Guildford park Road car park development view

Closer view of the approved development outline with the cathedral and Stag Hill in the background

It is not a fair comparison to judge it against the Solum development, which was intended to be several stories higher.

Only at ground level can you still appreciate the old buildings of the High Street and the lanes leading to the castle.

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