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Letter: Voter ID – Strangely More Difficult If You Are Young

Published on: 24 Mar, 2023
Updated on: 23 Mar, 2023

From: Sue Hackman

election manager, Guildford Labour Party

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Young voters, have just had their part in democracy made harder. At the next election, they and everyone must take photo identification to the polling station.

For older people, this will mean driving licence, senior bus pass, a disability pass or a passport. But for young people, student cards – even with a photo – will not do.

Strange that. I wonder why the Conservative government chose to make this so hard for young people and students? (Now let me think…)

Those without a Proof of Age card, will have to apply online for a Voter Authority Certificate. To do this, one has send in a particular-sized digital photo and a National Insurance number backed up by evidence such as a utility bill in the applicant’s name.

Hello? Is anyone still reading?

Hmm, how many 18-year-olds pay the utility bills or have started work? Not that many, because most of them are still in education. I wonder why the government didn’t think of that?

So those who are young should go online and check out the application process and do it soon. You’ll need a good few minutes to do it, and a scanner to send in your evidence.

It is worth saying that postal voters are excused all this, which is a surprising dodge-round when the supposed purpose of Voter ID is to prevent fraud. If anything, it makes it easier.

For those wanting an easy life, order a postal vote now by googling Postal Vote and choose the government website. And when we vote, we should remember who helped and who hindered us to exercise our democratic right.

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