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Letter: We Conservatives Await the Result of the Further Consultation on the Local Plan With Interest

Published on: 11 Dec, 2021
Updated on: 11 Dec, 2021

Local Plan Part 2

From: Paul Spooner

Writing on behalf of the Guildford Conservative Association

See: Concerns Over Guildford’s Local Plan Raised Ahead of Public Consultation

The Conservative group [at Guildford Borough Council] recognises the need to update the Development Management Policies and we believe that the sooner we achieve that then the better it will be for our community.

We recognise that the Local Plan process is difficult and there are elements within policies that not everyone can agree on, but the overall need is to have an adopted plan, albeit a compromise as is always the case with Local Plans, in place as soon as possible.

The Conservative group recognises the extraordinary effort of Conservative group member Cllr Jan Harwood in driving the Local Plan forward since May 2019 and the efforts he made to engage with the Local Plan panel and all councillors to achieve the plan that is now going out for consultation.

We await the result of the Regulation 19 public consultation with interest.

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Responses to Letter: We Conservatives Await the Result of the Further Consultation on the Local Plan With Interest

  1. Jules Cranwell Reply

    December 12, 2021 at 8:04 am

    I don’t believe residents want to hear anything from Cllr Spooner on the subject of the Local Plan. It was, after all, he and his chums that lumbered us with this unwanted and despised plan.

    The process is only so difficult because his plan is a developers’ charter, and so at odds with what residents want, as evidenced by the 80,000 plus objections it received, during the previous sham “consultations”.

    We should not forget that Mr Spooner did his level best to “protect the leader’s own local environment at any cost”, when he tried to bestow green belt status on his own manor in Ash, whilst robbing 14 rural villages of their green belt.

    Perhaps he would now do us the favour of keeping his own counsel on the matter.

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