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Letter: We Do Need to Build More Homes in Guildford

Published on: 18 Jul, 2022
Updated on: 18 Jul, 2022

From: Peter Knight

In response from: The Green Belt Gives Us the Opportunity to Grow

I am a local resident trying to upsize in Guildford. I found a house but the people I’m buying from, who have been looking for a couple of months, cannot find somewhere to downsize into.

There was significant interest in the house I am buying but the reason I managed to secure it was that I agreed I’d be patient and move back in with family.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have said they have missed out on properties as there is no supply and there are too many buyers for each house. When you look at how much building is happening in places like Ash and Cranleigh it seems crazy that there is nothing being built in Guildford Town.

We are waiting for Gosden Hill, Blackwell Farm and the Cathedral sites to come forward but these could take years. Building hundreds of flats is not the type of housing we need.

There are not enough houses here, the estate agents are all saying it and it’s why record prices are being achieved on the few there are.

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