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Letter: We Need Exceptional Architecture for the North Street Site

Published on: 8 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 8 Sep, 2023

From: Roger Kendall

In response to: If the New North Street Application is Refused It Could Lie Fallow for Years

Last night’s presentation was based on, “If you don’t like the new plan we will push the appeal.”

Unfortunately, the changes in the new plan do not improve the look. The additional affordable units must be welcomed but the reduction of just one building by two stories is inadequate.

The presentation spent considerable time showing views, in an effort to prove that the development would be hidden by present buildings. Why? Because it is very crowded and ugly. A more attractive build wouldn’t need to be hidden.

The latest plan also reduced the rendered walls resulting in more brown and dark bricks. The biggest 11-story building replaces Dominion House which looks large enough at five stories.

The thousands of square feet of work space will have little appeal and it is feared that some will remain boarded up for a decade. One of the presenters suggested if it couldn’t be rented then it could be turned into ground floor flats. No explanation was given as to why there couldn’t be more ground-floor flats from the beginning.

Many in the audience questioned the inadequate parking and the fact the new square was in fact just a wide area added to North Street. Just when the discussion was becoming interesting the presentation was brought to a close.

More Guildford citizens need to look carefully at this development. It is long overdue but such a wonderful site so close to our historic High Street needs to be of exceptional, classical design that will remain attractive to future generations. This won’t.

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