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Letter: We Need Health Services That Are Close at Hand

Published on: 19 Jun, 2022
Updated on: 19 Jun, 2022

From: Jim Allen

In response to: NHS Planners Dash Hopes Of New Health Centre for Ash

While I am often accused of having my head in the sewers, Local Plan wise, it appears the CCG [Clinical Commissioning Group] have their heads wrapped in sterilised bandages.

We have heard much in respect of the “15-minute commutes” to local services, much applauded by the consultants of the Local Plan.

But there is no convenient public transport to the GP surgeries that serve Burpham, and I doubt the five miles from Ash to Frimley Green has adequate public transport either.

The offer of new premises at Ash for the community there would be welcomed as good news by residents in Burpham as of course it would be, even more so, in Ash.

It is time the CCG and the NHS in general started asking what their purpose in the community actually is.

In my view, it is providing free health care at the point of need, not reorganising at huge expense while causing traffic congestion and pollution by forcing sick people to travel to out-of-town health facilities.

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