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Letter: We Should Not Re-invent the German Wheel

Published on: 8 Aug, 2021
Updated on: 8 Aug, 2021

University or apprenticeship?

From: Bibhas Neogi

In response to: Most Businesses Say a University Degree is Unimportant

In Germany, school leavers have the option of taking up a vocational apprenticeship instead of choosing full-time academic education. Known as “dual studies” or referred to as the “dual education/apprenticeship system”, it is a highly regulated and well-regarded system whereby young people learn through a mix of “on-the-job” training as well as in the classroom.

Typically, learners will spend 70% of time in the workplace and 30% at college. Most apprenticeships take around three years and almost always lead to secure employment. See:

Society needs people at all levels. We should aim to excel in whatever we do and achieve our best. All should be valued as vitally important contributors and not judged by how much they earn.

It is not the same for everybody. Germans have worked it out, so why the UK is trying re-invent the wheel?

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