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Letter: What It’s Like to Live Near Ash Road Bridge Construction Site

Published on: 16 Dec, 2023
Updated on: 17 Dec, 2023

Ash bridge: North embankment fill begins.

From: Ash Resident (name and address provided)

Work on the Ash road bridge has started and as one of the residents who lives very close to the site, let me tell you that the disruption is far greater than we had expected.

Since the work began, we have had to deal with many issues including the complete loss of our privacy – even though we were told on a few occasions that this wouldn’t happen.

Not only have we had to deal with the noise all day (which we accept will happen) but on a few occasions they worked beyond their contracted hours of a 6pm finish by working up until 7pm and this week going up until nearly 8pm. And now we understand they have been given permission to work until 8pm on weekdays if needed and every Saturday from 8am until 6pm until the end of January.

The road signage has been a disaster since day one. We have double the traffic we have ever had, constantly coming into our road only to have to turn around. We now cars parking for the station and also coming in to drop off and pick up. The disruption is constant, all day long.

We have lights shining into our homes that aren’t needed, and until recently we had a lovely toilet to look at out of the window!

As for being considerate builders, we don’t feel any consideration has been given to the residents who now live in the middle of a building site – people who have worked hard for their homes. We knew it would be a bit disruptive but never on this level!

The list goes on and gets bigger all the time. I know I am not the only one feeling like this. VolkerFitzpatrick, the contractors, need to do more to take the current residents into consideration. After all, they are part of the “considerate constructors scheme”.


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Responses to Letter: What It’s Like to Live Near Ash Road Bridge Construction Site

  1. Ben Paton Reply

    December 18, 2023 at 9:28 am

    This sounds familiar to all those living near the M25 Junction 10 works.

    How will traffic flow on the A3 if / when new towns are built on Blackwell Farm on Hogg’s Back, Gosden Hill Farm at Burpham and Three Farms Meadow in Wisley.

    Only the genuis of the last Conservative and Lib Dem Administrations could have contrived to build three new town on green field, Green Belt sites that all depend on the A3.

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