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Letter: What Movement Is There on Weir Repair?

Published on: 8 Jan, 2024
Updated on: 9 Jan, 2024

From: S Callanan

In response to: There is Now Some Movement on Tumbling Bay Weir

I don’t do social media so I never look at Facebook. I have now looked at Ms Richardson’s post, to which she refers, was posted on December 1. Maybe she could remember to inform The Dragon too?

I can’t identify any “movement” in this matter. Having done nothing for several years the National Trust is now commissioning a “feasibility study” into the replacement. What does that mean and why couldn’t it have happened some time ago?

A lot of what the NT does is admirable but they are a wealthy organisation. In 2021/22 the NT made an operating margin of £177.5 million as well as £107.2 million from donations. So they could well have afforded to commission this feasibility study years back as well as, or instead of, arguing about who’s responsible for the repair.

The stepped bridgegiving access to the River Wey towpath from the A281 Shalford Road.

Can I remind Ms Richardson and every other interested party that until access over the Tumbling Bay Weir is reinstated, less able members of the community cannot get to the towpath out of Guildford in the direction of Shalford? There’s a stepped bridge from the Horsham Road and the route to the path from the end of Flower Walk/ Hitherbury Close is down a steep flight of steps. So the access for the less able is effectively nil.

The steps from the tow path to Flower Walk.

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Responses to Letter: What Movement Is There on Weir Repair?

  1. Tony Andrews Reply

    January 18, 2024 at 3:51 pm

    There is, or course, no progress. This has now become a handy symbol of how Guildford is run.

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