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Letter: Who Didn’t Keep Their Eye on the RTB Ball?

Published on: 4 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 4 Mar, 2021

From: Geoff Davis

Former lead councillor and Conservative borough councillor for Holy Trinity

In response to: Right-to-Buy Enquiry Will Be A Whitewash

The inquiry into the RTB “misunderstandings” must be truly independent. How can those involved investigate themselves?

Mr Paton does have one point. I count about 30 residential estate agents in Guildford, all of whom would be delighted to sell some of their stock to the council, an excellent purchaser, effectively a cash buyer with no chain issues.

Surely, if there was a threat of return of funds to central government, some prompt purchases of houses and flats could have been implemented swiftly and easily.

Who didn’t have their eye on the ball?

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