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Letter: Who Is Responsible for This Mess?

Published on: 12 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 12 Sep, 2023

From: Mark Stamp

In response to: How Could We Ignore the Congestion Charge As An Issue?

I’d like to remind Cllr Richard Mills that the borough council has a legal duty to reduce air pollution in the town centre.

Let’s examine why the Lib Dem/R4GV coalition had to raise parking charges. There has been a massive cut in local authority funding from central government over the last 13 years. Can Cllr Mills remind us which party has been in power for that time?

Also, let’s talk about why most residents have to rely on their cars to get into the town centre rather than having a reliable, simple public transport system and safe active travel routes? Those are the responsibility of Surrey County Council. Perhaps Cllr Mills also knows who has been in power there.

Finally, let’s discuss how much more traffic there will be after houses are built on green fields far away from the town such as at the former Wisley Airfield site. Who on earth could have written a Local Plan designating those sites as suitable?

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