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Letter: Why Are We Fussed About Building Height?

Published on: 7 Jul, 2022
Updated on: 7 Jul, 2022

From: H Trevor Jones

In response to: ‘Something Must Be Done’ Is the Worst Approach to Decision Making

Why are we fussed about the height of new buildings per se?

As long as a new building doesn’t spoil the famous view between the High Street clock and the Hog’s Back, I don’t see a problem.

Nothing is likely to spoil the splendid views from Guildford Castle, Pewley Down, Stag Hill or the Hog’s Back over the town and adjacent countryside, or even from the train going over the viaduct towards London Road Station.

What other good views have I missed that might be spoiled?

On the other hand, we need housing and it’s best built centrally, meaning built upwards, so as to reduce the need for cars and to maximise use of walking, cycling and public transport.

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