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Letter: What Will The Ballot Box Say About GuilFest?

Published on: 18 Oct, 2013
Updated on: 18 Oct, 2013

GuilFest LetterFrom Tom Jeacock

Having been involved in GuilFest since 1996 (I have now retired from the borough council’s parks team) I saw the organization from the inside.

It was hard work but so worthwhile, being part of it.

Seeing the influx of multinational and UK residents mixing and enjoying this unique gathering, I personally hope to see it continue to be catered for by a caring, very able and knowledgeable crew for many years to come.

Over the years, as it grew to be part of UK`s summer music festivals, it became an intrinsic part of Guildford entertainment life.

You will always get these kind of haughty sniping remarks alluding to minority interests. Maybe the way forward is to see what the ballot box says in future local elections to see where the real public interests of Guildford parks festival shows are?

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