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Letter: Will Burpham Roadworks Wipe Out Conservatives in Guildford?

Published on: 12 Dec, 2022
Updated on: 12 Dec, 2022
From: Gavin Morgan
See: Anger Continues Over Planned Burpham Roadworks But Director Responsible Will Not Be Facing Local Residents
The Surrey County Council decision to close the northbound route along London Road for five months of roadworks is being led by the Conservative cabinet member for Transport, Infrastructure and Growth, Matt Furniss.
As a Guildford resident, a SCC councillor for Shalford and former Guildford Borough Councillor for Christchurch ward, he will know how the slightest disruption gridlocks Guildford. But he does not seem too concerned.
In response to a comment on his Twitter account that said “surrounding areas will grind to a halt for 5 entire months”, he replied: “Completely disagree…There will be some disruption but will deliver greater gains for the environment, health and reducing congestion by car.”
If he is wrong then this could impact on the success of the Conservative Party in Guildford’s May elections.  In 2015 the Conservatives won 35 GBC seats retaining, overall, the power they had enjoyed for decades. In 2019 they won just nine seats.
A factor in this was arguably their refusal to listen to the electorate and their decision to push through an unpopular Local Plan, literally just before the election. If the run-up to next May’s election is preceded by months of gridlock, then one wonders how this will influence the result.

Why am I saying this?

I have no political affiliations but something is needed to make Conservatives who run the county council sit up and smell the coffee.
Perhaps the thought of losing councillors will wake them up. Having read all the articles on this I find the way it is being pushed through utterly disgraceful.
Burpham Community Association has said: “We request a postponement while proper consultation is carried out and a less disruptive solution is found.”
The county council should listen. If anyone needs to get up to speed on this issue then search “Burpham Roadworks” in The Guildford Dragon. I have also put a summary of the facts on the Guildford Heritage Forum website

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