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Letter: Wisley Planning Application Should Be Properly Advertised

Published on: 29 May, 2023
Updated on: 29 May, 2023

From: Paul Garland

Wisley village resident

In response to: Locals Object to RHS Wisley’s Plan to Extend Use of Overflow Car Park

The plans for the RHS to use the Wisley sports ground for overflow car parking has not been properly advertised.

Until very recently, the application could only be found by doing a map search, which is not on GBC’s main website, or by using the application reference number, which you cannot do if you do not know it.

At present, the application only comes up for an address search if you use “Wisley” or “Wisley Lane.” It does not show for searches for “RHS,” ”RHS Wisley” or “RHS Wisley Lane,” or for the relevant postcodes GU23 6QB or 6QD.

GBC’s site states “Enter a keyword, reference number, postcode or single line of an address.” That simply does not work. So much for the application being available.

Nobody in Wisley knew about the application.

GBC state that a site notice was displayed from the March 30 2023 advertising a 21 day consultation period.

It is clear from the “Important Dates” listed by GBC on their website that the March 22 was the latest Advertisement Expiry Date. This means the notice should have been put up on the March 1. The notice put up on the March 30 does not meet the legal requirements as the consultation period had already expired on the March 22.

GBC still maintains the legal requirements have been complied with and refuse to readvertise. This is unlawful. They should not determine the application until it has been correctly advertised.

People’s objections still have not been posted online. Ockham Parish Council was not aware of the application earlier and have asked for an extension until the June 7. This has not been posted online either. One should be able to see all the objections during the consultation period.

It is very important that anyone who wishes to object does so as soon as possible. GBC has said a decision is expected by mid-June. If more people object, there is a better chance the application will be decided by the Planning Committee and not by a single planning officer.

The future of Wisley village is at stake. This application is the first. There is also the RHS Orchard, aka Car Park 5, with a capacity for 1,500 cars which is also being used for overspill in tandem with the village sports ground, as well as the field next to “Riverside.”

These other sites will end up as full time car parks unless this application is refused.

Irrespective of the planning application, GBC should issue an enforcement notice immediately against the RHS to stop their use of the car parks in excess of 28 days to stop the traffic nuisance and chaos in Wisley Lane. The society has already far exceeded the 28 days this year and should be facing immediate enforcement action.

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Responses to Letter: Wisley Planning Application Should Be Properly Advertised

  1. Helena Townsend Reply

    May 29, 2023 at 11:13 am

    I’m struggling to see what the issue is here – Wisley gardens is right by the A3. The bulk of traffic surely enters and exits from A3 without going through the village. How is the village therefore impacted?

    Editor’s response: The entrances and exits to the overflow carparks are further along Wisley Lane; so cars using them do enter parts of Wisley Village.

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