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Letter: Worst Pollution? We Cannot Wait Decades for a Solution

Published on: 25 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 25 Jul, 2021

From: Alistair Smith

Chair of the Guildford Society

In response to: A3 Guildford Pollution Worst in England, GBC Leader Blames ‘Infrastructure Deficit’

This is an appalling indictment on years of mismanagement by Highways England, which has failed to bring forward plans to tackle A3 issues of congestion, pollution, and accidents.

A 2017 map from Highways England also shows high pollution levels running up most of the A3 to the junction with the M25.

GBC should look at stopping all development next to the affected area of the A3. As an example, there is currently a substantial student housing development being considered.

As Cllr Rigg says in his letter, it should be remembered that circa 1,800 people die due to road accidents each year whilst there are 40,000 premature deaths due to air pollution (mainly traffic-related).

We should avoid placing more people at risk and look to mitigate the issue as quickly as possible. We cannot wait decades for a tunnel or the electrification of transport (which will still produce particulate pollution, congestion and so on).

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